Rock Paper Scissors

Game Setup

How many cards should be in your deck?

18 cards


This game of chance is a mashup of Rock Paper Scissors, and the card game War.

How to Play

1. To start the game, choose the deck size (18, 36, or 54) and deal shuffled deck by clicking the Start Game button.

Two cards will be added to the play area, face down.

2. Player must click/tap their own card (bottom card) to flip the cards over and see the results.

3. The player with the winning card takes both cards (both cards will be automatically given to the winner of the round)

4. Play continues until one player holds all cards and wins the "war".

A Note on tie rounds

When two drawn cards tie, the cards will be automatically added to the tie pot.

The tie pot will be awarded to the next winning player.

If a tie occurs with a player's last card, they cannot play again to win the tie and thus lose the "war".

More Notes:

Once the game starts, you will see one of the following two icons in the top right of your display:

- Click to go back to the info screen.

- Click to return to current game.

Designed by: Matt Coale ( and Sally Coale (

Tie Pot: